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Project Description
Capture web page. Save full or partial page to file or clipboard. Execute script for automatic thumbnail creation.
Winform app written in C#, one method in C++.
Project origin and future
This is the exact code source of the famous freeware url2jpeg you can find here:
You have full code source for version 1.1
Next version is up to you.

Code you will find in source
I use to write very clean and object oriented code, you can easily reuse classes from this project
  • CreateBitmap2 C++ code that show you how to use IViewObject2::Draw method to capture IE page
  • ExtendedWebBrowser class that disable javascript error handling
  • AutoScroll and AutoScale classes for handling bitmap display, zoom and scrolling
  • CommandLineParsing class for command line parsing
  • LocalizedUserControl class that auto export screen in XML files and allow language selection
  • PlaceObject class that auto handle rectangle placement on drawing surface
  • XMLSerialize generic for xml serialize/deserialize in file or string

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